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Rubber In a Can Aerosol Spray

Coating Manufacturer launches Rubber in a Can which is a flexible rubberized utility coating formulated seal and stop leaks. The aerosol spray seals and fills cracks and leaks and gives a watertight flexible seal which will prevent water and moisture from penetrating. This ready to use aerosol rubber spray paint will protect against corrosion and rust. This high build formulation will fill gaps, holes and cracks and keep a flexible surface during hot and cold temperature changes. Rubber in a can from Alvin Products is available direct and through local dealers. This product will seal cracks and leaks on concrete, pvc, plastic, vinyl and metal and used on vents, vent pipes, roofs, ductwork, roofs, skylights just to name a few. This product is voted best new product in 2012 and provides a versatile watertight rubber surface that can be topcoated with any paint or coating. This problem solving product can be used by home owners, hobbyists, contractors, DIY and maintenance professionals. Other uses for Rubber in a can includes foundations, shingles, flashing, sheds, buildings, PVC pipes, downspouts, gutters, outdoor ponds and anywhere there is a leak or crack. Rubber in a Can will dry to a smooth flexible black coating and was developed not to drip, sag, crack or peel.



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